While I’ve been away

Ok ya, I know. I haven’t posted in forever. I did exactly what I didn’t want, let this blog become stale. I’ve let you down. There is no trust in this relationship anymore. How can I win you back? Blog more? Really? I assume at this point I’m just shouting out into a void and making myself look good for bookers. (PS. if you’re a booker, I hope this looks good).

So what have I been doing all this time, not blogging? Well if you’re a fan of me on Facebook you probably already know and this blog has become too slow for you to receive updates about my life. You’re in the Twittbook TxtMsg speed of life man, and I understand. But for those not in the know, here is an update:

– Went to the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland Oregon. There was supposed to be a whole blog about this, but then a comic asked me for a ride back to Seattle at 7am the morning after the closing gala and I just didn’t have the energy. That, and every other comic there was blogging or podcasting or flikering about it so just Google search from Bridgetown Comedy Festival and you should get the gist. In summary though, I never felt more like a suburban comic, learned alot about what I want to be able to do on stage, and enjoyed the hell out of what I’m calling “Hipster Comic Summer Camp”.

– Featured for Greg Hahn and opened for Jaime Kennedy at Laughs. Good stage time at both. Jaime sadly had just broken up with JLH and so she did not accompany him to the gig, which was my original motivation for taking the hosting gig.

– Got invited to audition for the Vancouver comedy festival in August. I got really close to getting in a couple years ago so I’m hoping this is the year I get extended an official invite. That would be some amazing to head up there this fall and would give me a new goal to shoot for in my comedy career. Fingers crossed and punch lines sharpened for that audition.

– Wrote some new nerdy jokes. Have yet to do my mid year joke inventory at the end of the month to see how much I need to work to get to my two 30-min set goal I set for myself at the beginning of the year.

– Was featured in a photo art project for my friend Michelle that she did on open mic comics. It ran in Seattle for a month. The pictures from the photo shoot now adorn the newly redesigned brianboshes.com. This blog is now properly embedded in that site now as well, so now more jumping between the two. My nerd powers shined brightly there.

Well those are the big ones. Peppered in there are too many interesting and fun open mics, one nighters, and general WTF moments that make comedy in Seattle very weird and exciting and something that, no matter how much I want the time back, I don’t see myself dropping any time in the near future.

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