Paid Gigs and Battlestar Galatica

First and foremost, Battlestar Galatica is back on TV. My nights aren’t so lonely anymore! This is the last season, so its ending in about 12 episodes. Just saw the newest one on Kind of a downer, but I didn’t expect anything different I guess. Lost starts Wednesday, but I have a gig in Port Orchard that night so I’ll have to catch it during the weekend I guess. My parents are into House and 24, which also start tonight, so everyone’s happy. Yay!

This was a good weekend for comedy. Featured with Tom Rhodes at Laughs Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Thursday was a private gig for a tech company here in Seattle. I was bummed though, I thought it was going to be for Wachovia Securities. I thought of all these great jokes for them, and my friend Joe Larson (check him out, hella funny), gave me the line that “since they’ve merged with Wells Fargo, they are going to have to change their name to Wachovia InSecurities“. Ended up being fun none the less. Did about 7 minutes just teasing them about having their Christmas party at a comedy club and the fact that they were a tech company. That stuff was awesome. Then, as soon as I tried to to my “real” act, I got shut down. I guess it doesn’t matter how funny it is, when the punch line is about getting high at work, you’re not going to belly laugh in front of your boss. Lesson learned.

Friday and Saturday were both great sets of shows. I wish they were all that easy. Gave away some business cards and I hope a get a few new fans out of it. Had some people coming up to me after the show saying that they always enjoy my act, so I guess you could say I’m beginning to generate a following.

Sunday was another private gig. This was definitely my most busy weekend as far as hours on stage. Coupled with Wednesday’s gig over in Port Orchard, this will also be the most in a week that I’ve been paid to do standup. Still far from quiting my day job, but it’s exciting none the less.

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