March Madness 8 – Giggles Laugh Off Week 4, Night 1

First I’d like to welcome a new blog reader, Terry Taylor, to the audience. Welcome.

On to the show…

I haven’t been doing that much comedy lately, relatively speaking. Did get up once at the Laughs open mic this week. Yes, I know, I missed a blog post about it. It wasn’t worth it. The set had one joke and the rest of it is what I would have picked on people for from the back of the room for doing.

But, last night was the first night in my competition week in the 2010 Giggles Laugh Off. This is week four of the competition, which means that three other comedians have already moved on to the finals. I’ve got four shows this weekend, two last night and two tonight. Audience members vote on their top three favorite comedians, and the scores are totaled across all of the shows. The top comedian moves onto the finals in April. So far I’m in a very close second to comedian Scott Black. Friday’s shows were fairly lightly attended though, so tonight’s first show will probably be the pivotal moment in this week’s competition. Here’s the what happened last night…

One of the Giggle’s regular hosts, Eric, hosted the first show. Scott Black went first. He has apparently won the competition once before I think a decade ago. He has a high energy set and props to him for giving it 100% for the 20 people in the audience that first show. I went up fourth. I’ll tell you this. These sets were way better than my performance in the Seattle Comedy Competition just a couple months ago. Not that I didn’t give it my all there, but I’m happy to see how much I’ve positively developed since that time. I decided to go with my exclusively “nerdy” set. I wanted something that would separate me from the rest of the comics. The first set went ok. Not amazing, not terrible, but pretty good for not being able to practice it as much as my Seattle set. Got good solid laughs through the first half, but kind of petered out at the end and my closer wasn’t as strong as I would have liked. It gave me a tied for third place finish with Sean McCarthy coming out of the first show.

The second show I went fifth of seven. This time I went right after Sean. He had a solid set and I really love his closer about low paid cashiers “drinking all the Robotusen in the store.” I went up there and laid down my first joke. Solid. Second joke. Pretty good. By the third joke I had them in a rhythm that I don’t get on every show and always love the feeling when I do. Had a group of three girls almost in tears when I started talking about Twilight and Harry Potter tricking girls into thinking that wizards and vampires were sexy. Obviously I was hitting their demographic or something. I judge the 10 minute set a bit better this time and was able to close up more professional. Again, almost all the set was “nerdy” stuff. One thing I was a bit critical of was that I fumbled a lot of words, way more than I usually do in a set. Internally, I definitely felt a little “off”, even though it was going really well. Almost flubbed a couple punch lines and stepped on a couple of laughs. Overall, nothing that hurt anything, just pointing it out. That set was enough to pull out the first place finish in the second set of shows and cumulatively puts me four points behind Scott Black going into tonight.

Hoping that tonight’s early show does me well, as that is probably going to be the deciding show of the competition based on the size of the crowd. I’ll let you know how it goes. For now, back to watching “Blade Runner”.

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