March Madness 5 – Gerry Andals Bar & Grill

Tonight I don’t want to blog, not because the show was bad, but because I’m tired. And I had three cokes at the gig and my stomach is upset. This is why I don’t drink soda often from a glass, or at least one that is refillable. Probably had more soda than I do in a week at one gig cause it kept getting refilled and I just don’t log those events until its too late.

The gig tonight was in Stanwood, WA. Stanwood, the gateway to Camino Island, is located between the cities of Marysville and Mt. Vernon. Don’t know where they are either? Well Google Maps has nice satellite pictures of all of them; check it out. Stanwood has three major intersections before you drive through the whole town. The gig is at intersection #3, so almost on the outskirts. 🙂

We had a host, one Mr. Anthony Calderon, who’s an up-and-comer who has been doing this for about a year and looks like he’s 16, even though he’s 23. The crowd didn’t really get him too much, but he stuck with it, and did his time. Good job. Brought me up, I did my full 30. I let the crowd talk way more than I usually do because I just wanted something new to do besides my act. I knew my “nerdy” stuff wasn’t going to galvanize them in any way, so I just wanted them, and me, to have a good time. Actually kind of surprised to see the old guys in cowboy hats laugh at my Back to the Future references. Lesson of the night, I can do my act anywhere if I pitch it to them right. I’m glad I did my nerdy set, as it’s what I wanted to do, and I sold it to them. Sure they probably liked the headliner better, but I didn’t compromise.

The headline, Brad Upton, funny as always. He added a couple of tags off book, which for me, since I’ve seen his act a bunch, is always a treat. We caught up on the gigs we’ve both had over the last couple of months and before you know it, it was time to head back to Seattle.

Another paid gig on the books for this month, which makes March a pretty good month so far. Tomorrow night I’m back in Seattle for a gig at the Owl and Thistle, the best little Irish bar in the state.

Oh, and my potential gig with Q13 Fox covering the Emerald City ComicCon this weekend fell through. I may or may not have said anything about it already, mostly because I expected it to be a long-shot. Still really nice that the guys that I met last Saturday went to bat for me; biggest compliment I’ve gotten on the new act since I started telling it. Maybe something in the cards for the future, who knows. Because of this, I’ll be attending the ComicCon as a regular participant, but I’m still excited for Saturday. I’m going to wear my Star Wars sweater I think.

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