March Madness 2 – Laughs Comedy Spot

Almost forgot to write this as my stupid pager for work went off on the way home from the club. Ya, I have to carry a pager for my on-call rotation at work (the job that pays me more than comedy, for now), I don’t want to talk about it…

Tonight I featured for Whitney Cummings. She’s a hot commodity right now. She’s a regular roaster and a guest on “Chelsea Lately”, a show my parent’s seem to like but I haven’t gotten into. Besides all of this, she’s a pretty funny gal. I think I may have fallen outside of her target audience, as I have a penis, but her comedy was definitely enjoyed by all. The first show was a packed house and the audience was ready for a comedy show.

I knew I was going to have a great set tonight as my energy level was higher that it usually was before hitting the stage. I think it’s because I got to have a nap today and actually slept last night. I’ve done a lot of gigs recently where I’m just dog tired and there is a marketed difference in my performance. It was nice as I drove to Laughs tonight to have some energy flowing through me and I was really getting excited for the show.

The opener brought me up and I hit the ground running with my “Avitar” opener. I think it only has a couple more weeks to live, especially after we consider how it does in the Oscars tomorrow.
I’m not too upset as its basically only a one-liner punchline with no tags, but I’ll still miss it. From then on it was straight laughs for 20 mins. There were too points that fell a little flat. One was my inclusion of a new bit about “nerdy people” that I had decided to slip into the set tonight, but hadn’t done on stage before. The second was an old tag for my “Star Wars jacket” joke that really has never worked. I’m going to drop the whole section and try to rewrite it / leave it out forever as it has just never performed well and/or is just way to predictable of a punchline. Other than that though, the audience came with me and we had a good time. No crazy huge laughter or applause breaks in this first show, but the laughs that I did get came at a good steady rhythm which was really good. At the end of the show I met some guys from a local news station, so I might have some exciting news there soon.

The second show, wow, they did not want to laugh for such a long time! I was up there a good 15 mins before the entire audience was on my side and enjoying the show. Looking into some of the faces in the audience, it was clear they just weren’t getting it or enjoying themselves. How awesome it was though to look back on those same faces near the end of the set and see them starting to open up and laugh. I mean, you guys are paying for the show, its to your benefit to enjoy yourselves. Sometimes you have to tell the audience that…

This is going to be some week for comedy. Tomorrow I’ve got the Comedy Undergrounds “Best of Seattle” comedy showcase. It’s on during the Oscars; hopefully we still have an audience. Monday and Tuesday are open mics, Wednesday I have a gig in Stanwood, WA, and Thursday I’m back in downtown Seattle. Lots of comedy, lots of blog entries.

Still monitoring the issue at work, have to get back to that…

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