It’s so Freaking Hot! or: How I learned to stop sweating and love the sun

That’s a lie. I don’t think I’ll ever stop sweating. At least not anytime this week. Yesterday and today Seattle broke the hottest day on record record with 103 and 96 degrees respectively. It’s really freaking hot, for Seattle. Its like 85 degrees in my house when I try to fall asleep, at 2am. I’ve been getting about 5 hours of sleep this week because of the heat, so I’ve been especially tired and cranky at work. On top of this, I find myself waking up at 4am all delirious thinking that someone is trying to break into my house all because I’m sweating and dehydrated and the fan is blowing straight into my eyeballs so I can barely open them in the morning. Seriously, I spent a good 10 minutes staring out my window last night thinking that my “fire twin” was going to come in through the door and it was going to get even hotter! I was totally sober to the best of my knowledge. That, or I need to go get some more of those raviolis from the farmers market. It’s actually really nice though in the morning. Reminds me of my first job in Phoenix when I was doing tech support and needed to be in at work at 8am. The sun was just starting to get hot and there was a muggy coolness to the air still. Then it got hot as balls (mine can attest to this).

But Phoenicians know how to deal with heat. So does anyone from the South or the Eastern seaboard. West coasters north of San Fran, they’re all retarded. I say “they” and not “we” only because I bought my fans last year and haven’t been a part of the fan and a/c buying frenzy that everyone saw coming from about a week away. Seriously, if I wouldn’t feel like such a douche, I could have made a killing in the air conditioning futures market. What am I getting at? There are no fans left in Seattle. Actually there are still some left in Seattle. There are no fans left in Bellevue is more appropriate. There are big signs at the entrance to the Home Depot in Redmond that says they are out of air conditions, check back in 2 weeks. Two weeks?!? It will be probably be raining by then, who needs a flipping air conditioner then? (Hopefully not, my parents are coming to visit). I heard some friends saying that they wanted to check into a hotel room for the a/c. Consider you can’t even buy it, I would be suprised if you could rent it…

But fans and fan technology has been the topic of choice this week, because I work with a bunch of nerds really. The current argument is that the “Vornado” is the best of fans. After Tuesday night, I’ll agree with them, but the name is just silly. They’re all silly names, I know. You go to Target and all the brands are “Hawaiian Breeze” or “Wind Extruder” or “Hunter”. I think a good marketing move would be to make the brand of fans called “I Am Hot”. Then all the different sizes and shapes could be different variations on the phrase. “I Am (A Little) Hot” would be the smaller one, good for bedside tables and office desks. “I Am (Always) Hot” would be a clip on solar powered fan, for the sweater on the go. “I Am (Really) Hot” would be the room sized box fan, great for any space inside the home. “I Am (Annoying) Hot” would be the one that rotates and purifies the air at the same time. “I Am (Fucking) Hot” would basically come with a block of dry ice and a package of condoms. I would have the “I Am (so hot I’m hallucinating ‘fire twins’) Hot” model, which, coincidentally, is also a box fan.

The other part of the Summer Heat Showdown 2009 that I enjoy are all the Facebook updates regarding the weather. I mean, even if you lived in an air conditioned bubble you could still experience vicariously the miserableness of others though the science of the internet. These daring pioneers of weather opinion reporting are also the same people, that, go back far enough, you’ll see them complaining about it being too cold on their Facebook accounts. I’m convinced that God has a Facebook account and is friends with EVERYONE and is now just screwing with us all in response to his news feed. Twitter and Facebook are very god-like like that. If I could play God, I would really love to make it 45 degrees for a couple of days coming up, just to make the Facebook status updates go from “oooh this weather is cooling me off, so nice!” to “man I kind of miss the heat now, just had to turn on the heater” to “WTF! Its August and its 45 degrees! Seattle blows!”. Until I have the power to control the weather, I’ll write blog posts about it next to my box fan, ehem, I mean “I Am (so hot I’m hallucinating ‘fire twins’) Hot” fan.

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  1. Today is actually perfect, but the hottest I've been all week was Tuesday: on a crowded bus, hottest part of the day, with no air conditining. It was like Comic Con in Hell!

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