I’m a terrible blogger…

I know, I know. I should be better at this. I just feel so guilty updating this thing at work, and then when I’m home from work, the last thing I want to do is get back on and continue typing away. Regardless, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to write more. Blogs, scripts, funny stories. I will take a writing class in the spring.

I’ve been sick for the past 3 days, which means I’ve gotten more sleep this weekend then I think I got the whole previous week combined. The previous statement is probably more of a testament to why I got sick in the first place. Still my joke about me being sick looking like I’ve masturbated in every room of my house is ringing true once again (for proof that this joke exists, watch my clips at brianboshes.com). I’m currently quarentined myself in my 1 bedroom and have so far cooked a nice helping of bread pudding, squash, and continued to work on the model boat that will never be finished.

In the comedy front since I’ve last posted, things have taken off. I’ve started featuring, which means that somehow I’ve collected enough material to do 30 minutes straight. Its a great feeling and I love doing the feature spot, although there will still be a place in my heart for hosting. I have my first away gig next week in Beaverton, Oregon. I’m getting paid and they’re putting me up in a hotel and everything. Its like I’m semifamous. I’ve got a crap-ton of gigs through the holiday season and I’ve been booked as a feature in Kirkland again for Valnetines day and again in March, so my spring is looking to get full up as well. I hope to visit my friends and the other comedy markers of SF and LA in the early spring. I’m hoping SF in late Feb and LA in late March/early April. I’m looking to get some real gigs down there in addition, so I’ll have a “reason” that isn’t just hanging out with awesome people who I miss way too much.

Ok, I’ll let you know how the Beaverton gig goes soon. Tomorrow night is the Jewish Youth Federation non profit comedy show. Let’s see if I can’t find my future wife, or at least future make out buddy at the show?

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  1. Just checked out the clips you ahve posted on the right there… funny stuff! I thought the wedding suit clip was awesome. Congrats on doing comedy!

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