Ice Cream is BACK!

I like good food. I like eating. I like eating good food. Good food, I’m convinced, used to just be called “food” 30 years ago. It was just what you ate. You didn’t really think about it. If it was sweet it probably had sugar in it. If it was salty, there was probably a crapload of MSG in it. Nutrition wasn’t really an issue, since food was made out of food.

Now, there seems to be this idea of a “craft food” movement that is happening right now. Kind of like what happened to the beer industry 20 years ago. Refresher, before that point, all beer in this country was crap. But, like 100 years ago, beer was amazing, because it was really beer! Now. Fast forward today. Food, or the thing that we know of as food, isn’t really food. 30 years ago it was, but now, for the most part, it is not. Enter the craft food movement. Enter, ice cream stores. These are on the forefront of the craft food movement, right behind those god damned cupcakes. We used to have ice cream store, then things like Dairy Queen and Baskin Robins took them off the map. We’ll they’re back my friends, back with a vengeance and a really douchy following.

Ok, first off, the ice cream (and the cupcakes for that matter) are delicious. Their great! Taste freaking amazing! Wish I could have them everyday. Good for those people for making such great ice cream. My problem with the whole situation is the douchebags that go to the new ice cream places when they open and comment how it tastes so “traditional and good, not like those brands you find in the store”. Screw you people! You’re the ones that welcomed the shitty ice cream with open arms when it first came out. Holy crap its a $1 cheaper and packed with more of that “home-churned taste.” I’m just really afraid that in 20 years there is going to be a guy that opens an Apple Store that serves home grown apples that were actually grown on a tree. People will come and go, “Wow, all that classic apple taste. This is a place to bring the whole family to experience an apple, the way it should be.” People will come by the hundreds to eat his apples, he’ll open a chain of Apple Stores all over Seattle and Portland. A month later he’ll be sued by the iPod-enabled robotic reincarnation of Steve Jobs. To think, his reintroduction, would have helped the APPL stock price that much.

This blog post is making me hungry. I think I might head over to Safeway to pick up a gallon of Dryers. They’re 50 cents off today!

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