First cramp, First press

Today two things happened today. First, I did three pushups and then threw out my shoulder. WTF? Three!?! Only three. I mean, I know, I didn’t stretch, but this has like, never happened before. I was kinda pissed because I was in the mindset to bang out a few good ones too. Since last week, when I found out I have abs, I’ve been more motivated to work out. Mind you, this doesn’t mean I’ve actually been working out more, but motivation is key. Keep on riding that bike, if it ever stops fucking raining this summer. In Seattle, April showers brings May showers brings June showers brings July. In July, we go freakin crazy and no one stays put and then we all collectively pass out in October, but that’s a rant for a different time.

Secondly, when I get to work, my friend James sends me this:

Ladies and gentlemen, my first press where my comedic style was actually judged. Judges say, “eeeeer, WRONG”. I call schenanigans, the judge was acting like a douche! Survey says: affirmative. Actually he really didn’t have much nice to say about anything in the show, so I guess I’m lucky that I got a whole paragraph of him not liking me. The board and “Seinfeld Constant” he refers to is something new I’m trying to integrate into my act. In my defense, it was the first time I’d used it on stage and I’m still getting used to the mechanics of it. Since this performance, I’ve done it a half dozen more times, and I’ve gotten some pretty good feedback on it, so I’m excited. Don’t feel bad for the article, this is why its good to start off in Seattle. Make “mistakes” where no one can see them. I mean really, who reads the Spectator anyways?

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