Change is Here!

Change has come my friends and you (maybe) were a part of it. That’s right, yesterday, Brian Boshes was awarded the best comedy host in Seattle by the Seattle Comedy Blog, the CLOG. This was all because of you! All of those people that don’t even live in Seattle, and those that have never seen me host, you still voted, and made this dream a reality. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Unfortunately, this long and arduous campaign has drained the coffers of the “Elect Brian Boshes for a Needless Award Fund” and needs to be rebuilt. You called for change, now be part of the solution. Donate as little as $25 to receive your very own business card with a picture of the 2008 Best Comedy Host on the back. Click here to donate today.

Thank you once again. Change is here today, starting Jan 5th!

Your friend and leader,
Brian Boshes
2008 Best Comedy Host in Seattle!

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