Camping anyone?

I used to go camping a lot before college. It was the thing to do when I was little. We camped all the way from Phoenix to Seattle once when I was 8 years old. Our old Mitzubishi panel van pulling its maximum weight in camping gear. Man that thing was so severely underpowered, but did I can, of course not. I had a coloring book mo-fo! Plastic windows? Who cares as long as my sister can’t touch me from her own captain’s chair. Behind us was a Coleman popup trailer with 2 queen beds. That thing was awesome. It was like a little portable cabin that you could level out and crank up when you got to the campground. I only forgot to lock the crank in place once, but it was funny in hindsight watching my dad freak out as the roof started to come down on him.

Fast forward almost 15 years. I went camping once last year, ONCE! This is not enough. I’m a white guy and I need to go out and “rough it” soon or I’m going to get all cranky and stuff. But I can’t just go out there, I need stuff. Lots of fancy equipment. Fancy like a tent. So I’m going to go look at tents on Friday at REI and I might actually become a member of their co-op so they will stop freaking asking me everytime I’m in their god-damned store. “Hi do you know about our co-op program?” How can I not at this point. And you make me feel so bad for being on the outside of your stupid club. Really? Is it that important to you that I save 10%.

I also probably need a lantern and a stove. I would like to see things at night and cook my food. Oh and a cooler, to keep things cold and stuff. Ok so tent, cooler, lantern, stove. That’s all I need. And a flashlight. And probably a table cloth? Maybe a good camping chair? Some rope. Definitely need some wood. Oh and a box to put all this crap in and some extra space in my closet to store all my new junk. Sweet, I’ll be ready for camping in no time!

So this is me writing about something I haven’t done in an effort to keep this blog active. Good stuff no? I’m serious about the camping thing though. It’s going to happen (please)!

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