Bite of Seattle

This weekend I hosted the “Bite of Seattle”, hosted by Comcast. I must have said that phrase a million times. This was my first big hosting gig outside of a comedy club, so that experience alone was worth it. I got to introduce some great headliners over the weekend. Some of the notables that performed included:

  • Brad Upton
  • Geoff Lott
  • Joe Vespaziani
  • Andy Peters
  • Jack Mayberry
  • Rod Long
  • Marc Yaffee
  • Vince Valenzuela
  • Dax Jordan

What a list I know. And it was all for free! We had people staying the whole day. I think we handed out like 500 free passes to the Mainstage and Laughs Comedy Spot.

I was really shaky the first day, but by the end of the weekend I was flying through the intros. Sunday we had a special treat, the “Las Chica Cazadores”. I couldn’t say it because I’m very white and very Jewish. The lovely ladies travel around the country promoting Cazadores tequila with their amazing tequila tasting talent (read: amazing bodies and voices). I got to introduce and take them off stage, there was some touching, and a lot of douchebags in the audience who were jealous I’m sure (I know of at least one). My favorite line this weekend was after the ladies left the stage going, “I’m sure a lot of you guys had to turn to your wives right now and go, ‘I didn’t know, they said it was going to to be comedy, oh well might as well stay.’”

I didn’t do much comedy at the hosting gig but it was a chance to watch a lot of great comedians work and talk to them about the life of a comedian. I got paid too which helps. Ready for a new week and I have a lot of new material that I can’t wait to try out on stage.

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