Bend Comedy Competition

I’m composing this post from the Oakland airport. I spent the weekend in Berkeley with friends (no gigs this time down) and was hoping to catch an earlier flight home. The flight I was trying to catch is now 2 hours late, which makes it really close to what I am currently booked on. Funny how that happens. Every time I think about bitching about flying now though I’m reminded of Key Lewis’s bit on Conan (find it if you haven’t seen it). Still, it’s a business, this flying thing. If you went to a restaurant and you had to wait 2 hours to sit down, you would be pissed. You’d go to another restaurant. Now, assume EVERY OTHER restaurant did the same thing to you. Well, we’d eat at home? Airline material is hack, this is why I don’t do it (much)…

In other news, friends, I’ll be performing this year in the 1st annual Bend Oregon Comedy Competition. It’s April 1st – 4th. There are two nights of quarter finals, of which I’m pretty sure I’m in the second of the two, then one night of semis and one night of finals. There is a good group of Seattle comedians that are going to to be making the trek down. If you try to find me on the list of comedians though, I’m not on it. Suckage! One of the original comedians dropped out and I got his spot last week. I would tell you who it is, but I wouldn’t want you chastising him for being a wimp (or getting a better paying gig).

This isn’t a really an entertaining post, I know. I’m kind of drained from all this sun I’m not used to, and the airport doesn’t really scream comedy genius right now. I’m pretty sure its already been sucked out by two decades of funny people before me.

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