Opened at Harvey’s Comedy Club in Portland

Last Saturday, my good friend Joe Larson (very funny, check him out if you’ve never done so) calls me up telling me there is an opening for a hosting spot at Harvey’s Comedy Club in Portland that night. So beyond my own expectations, I hop in the car and make the 3 hour drive down to that fair city to the south. By “fair”, I mean “hippy utopia”. Harvey’s is an amazing club. Sits over 300 when full, and it was packed for both shows. I’ve done crowds that size before, but it hadn’t gone that great (thanks Tulalip casino), so I was pretty nervous for the first show. Needless to say, I did well, thanks to about a year of practice since eating it in front of a large crowd. Still, I wasn’t so much presenting my jokes as I was saying “hey audience, here is my joke, hope you like it.” Not where I wanted to be. My jokes are good enough to say, “hey audience, here is my joke, its fucking awesome and you’re going to love it!” That was much more the way I ran the second show, and I knocked it out of the park. It was only 10 mins, but I could get used to that wall-o-sound laughter that came at me after some of those new tags. Thanks Portland for two awesome shows!

I’ll say this, Portland does know how to do Sunday brunch pretty well. The only problem with that is that EVERYONE goes out for brunch. There is no good time to go outside of 10 – 2 for brunch on a Sunday, and who gets up before 10am on Sunday!?!? Actually, despite my ranting, we didn’t have to wait that long. Most places have coffee to drink as you sit as well. To top it all off, our eventual server could have been a stand in for Matthew McConaughey. You want some eggs? Alright, alright, alright…

I ended up getting the biscuits and gravy. It was hidden on the bottom of the menu, I almost got the chorizo scramble, which would have been equally as good, mostly for the sour creme. I’m still chasing the amazing biscuit I had in Bend, Oregon at the West Side cafe, which is why I switched. If you’re ever in Bend, go there, that thing was freaking amazing. This one though, not too shabby. The eggs held together much better than the fiasco in Reno. Those biscuits were pretty money, and the sausage gravy on it was perfect. Not to heavy, not to salty. But you know what can make even the best gravy better? JAM! Heaps and heaps of purple jam. What kind of jam was it Brian? Who the hell cares, it was delicious. It looked weird, tasted even weirder. But you know when something tastes so weird it actually tastes good? That’s what the jam on the gravy tasted like. I’m like one of those people that puts a pickle in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Mind you, I’ve never done that, those people are weird, but I can empathize with them. Good breakfast “Genies” in Portland, you done well.

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