March Madness 6 – Owl & Thistle

This is going to be a short one, and late, I’m sorry the week just kind of ended this way. Thursday night I performed at the Owl & Thistle’s comedy night. This room has been running for over a year. It’s a nice road room in the heart of downtown Seattle, and it pays its host, feature, and headliner a little. Not much, but better than free. It was originally started by Nick McCord, and then given over to my friend Brett Hamil, who’s been running it ever since. It used to be packaged with a free open mic on Monday’s that for a time, I was in charge of. “In charge of” meant that I was the only one that cared to make a list and tell people when it was time to get off stage.

This is one of those rooms that for the first 30 minutes you have to bludgeon the audience into accepting the fact that there is going to be comedy for the next two hours and no, we’re not going to turn the UW game back on. Always a great start to a show. It’s usually a great place to take people if their being cocky about their act, as this place, along with Pegasus Pizza in Kirkland, tends to eat those people alive. Oh, and if you think you’re ready to feature, try Tulalip Casino in Marysville (another story for another time).

I did my 20 minutes after watching the first couple comedians get sucked into the black hole that was the table of drunk soccer fans. I was concerned, but not overly concerned, that they were going to destroy my set. I did something I don’t usually do, which is yell at the audience (read: that table) to shut up and listen or kindly move themselves to the other room. At that point, they stopped laughing at any of my jokes, but they were quit. Did my set of nerd jokes again, which is getting crisper each time I tell them, and generally had an ok time.

I get a break from comedy for a couple of nights, which I really need. My next appearance will be the open mic at Laughs this week. I hope to have some new stuff prepared for that as apposed to working on stuff I’ve already written. We’ll see how Sunday and Monday treat me in that regard.

March Madness 5 – Gerry Andals Bar & Grill

Tonight I don’t want to blog, not because the show was bad, but because I’m tired. And I had three cokes at the gig and my stomach is upset. This is why I don’t drink soda often from a glass, or at least one that is refillable. Probably had more soda than I do in a week at one gig cause it kept getting refilled and I just don’t log those events until its too late.

The gig tonight was in Stanwood, WA. Stanwood, the gateway to Camino Island, is located between the cities of Marysville and Mt. Vernon. Don’t know where they are either? Well Google Maps has nice satellite pictures of all of them; check it out. Stanwood has three major intersections before you drive through the whole town. The gig is at intersection #3, so almost on the outskirts. 🙂

We had a host, one Mr. Anthony Calderon, who’s an up-and-comer who has been doing this for about a year and looks like he’s 16, even though he’s 23. The crowd didn’t really get him too much, but he stuck with it, and did his time. Good job. Brought me up, I did my full 30. I let the crowd talk way more than I usually do because I just wanted something new to do besides my act. I knew my “nerdy” stuff wasn’t going to galvanize them in any way, so I just wanted them, and me, to have a good time. Actually kind of surprised to see the old guys in cowboy hats laugh at my Back to the Future references. Lesson of the night, I can do my act anywhere if I pitch it to them right. I’m glad I did my nerdy set, as it’s what I wanted to do, and I sold it to them. Sure they probably liked the headliner better, but I didn’t compromise.

The headline, Brad Upton, funny as always. He added a couple of tags off book, which for me, since I’ve seen his act a bunch, is always a treat. We caught up on the gigs we’ve both had over the last couple of months and before you know it, it was time to head back to Seattle.

Another paid gig on the books for this month, which makes March a pretty good month so far. Tomorrow night I’m back in Seattle for a gig at the Owl and Thistle, the best little Irish bar in the state.

Oh, and my potential gig with Q13 Fox covering the Emerald City ComicCon this weekend fell through. I may or may not have said anything about it already, mostly because I expected it to be a long-shot. Still really nice that the guys that I met last Saturday went to bat for me; biggest compliment I’ve gotten on the new act since I started telling it. Maybe something in the cards for the future, who knows. Because of this, I’ll be attending the ComicCon as a regular participant, but I’m still excited for Saturday. I’m going to wear my Star Wars sweater I think.

March Madness 4 – Comedy Underground Open Mic

I know I’m a day late with this one, but I’m going to blame all the free booze that I got at my own private after party (more on that in a second).

Last night was Monday night, and you know what that means, the world famous Comedy Underground’s open mic madness. Over 30 comics in just under two hours, which translates into about 2-3 minutes of stage time. But this is the place I came to start my comedy career almost five years prior, back in the summer of 2005. (If you ask me how long I’ve been doing it I’ll say just over four years though, cause I took a big break after three months in.) I did my three minutes (back then we got the full three), told some jokes, and then drank a lot of beer. Didn’t get that drunk that night, as I had to go back to my internship in the morning, buy ya. Oh, I’m reminiscing too much, this is supposed to be about what I did LAST night.

I hadn’t prepared anything for last night except one new tag, which I didn’t even end up doing right when I hit the stage. So much for being on the ball. I had a mean streak in me too. I don’t know why. I sort of feel like there is no humility in the craft right now, a sense of entitlement in all the open micers. I don’t get too preachy about it because I used to be / am one of them, and I know that sometimes we act up, but there aren’t any old timers coming down to the clubs anymore to put them/us into place. So last night I hit the stage and my first like was, “For all those open micers that think they have fans that come to see them at the open mic, you’re full of shit.” That is how you warm up the room, am I right? Nothing, not a laugh, not a boo, just 50 people staring at me. Fun.

Now comes the good part. As much as they probably didn’t want to laugh at my next joke, they’re sitting there going “who is this asshole”, after my first joke, bam, laughing. By the time I told the second joke, I had them all back. It felt really great. Not because I shit on anybody, but I was able to win the audience back after saying some really caustic stuff. Those two jokes were enough to prove that I could do that, at least this once. And then I left, way before the light, just to keep the MC on her toes.

I know, I sound sound/feel like a douche writing this. That, and I’ve used the slash thing three times, and it’s the trademark of a crappy writer that can’t figure out what he wants his character to do/say. I’m not trying to be mean, honestly I was still just telling jokes and if people are going to get offended by me, they really need to get out now. I’m one of the tame ones. Besides, if any one of them came up to me and sincerely wanted honest feedback (and I think they could handle it), then they’ve got it. I don’t care if you take all my gigs in the process, if you’re better than me then it’s time to write some better jokes and get funnier myself.

I love the open mic scene in Seattle and I think that everyone should continue to go to them. Respect the process, respect your self, but ya, you don’t have fans at an open mic. Besides, real fans come to see you when you’re featuring/headlining anyways…

March Madness 3 – Comedy Underground

Tonight I performed in the “Best of Seattle Sunday Showcase” at the Comedy Underground in downtown Seattle. It’s a weekly show put on every Sunday. Pretty good crowd considering our competition was the Oscars. I don’t know who won anything yet since I didn’t watch them and I haven’t looked at twitter in something like two months.

I worked on my “drugs” section of my act that I didn’t get to do over the weekend. It is currently composed of a couple different bits loosely tied together. I think I have about 8 or 9 when you count them all up, but I usually only through 4 or 5 into rotation at any one given time. Tonight’s picks where “legalized pot commercials”, “the effectiveness of DARE”, and my new one “Drugs at NASA”. The first two I’ve been telling for a couple months now and they are fairly solid. I mainly wanted to work on the third joke, so these were just filler to set up and get some good laughs on the subject. The joke, for the most part, bombed, but I succeeded in staying in a vary weird character for longer than I usually do. This was my main goal tonight, and I actually did a callback which worked better than I thought it would. I would say my commitment level to the character was only about a 60%, and some of that was due to playing with the setup WAY too much before getting into it. In the end, I may choose to take it a different way. Also, I don’t think I should assume everyone knows what the lunar lander looks like…

Shows like tonight are weird because I’m basically going up there with an experiment. I’ve got something very new and there are so many questions to ask about it. How is it going to sound coming out of my mouth? How is the audience going to react? Do I reveal too much in the setup only to let people down in the punchline? Is this new weird character believable, hacky, appropriate? This, to varying degrees, I have to do with all new jokes. After I’ve figured them out though, sometimes I put a joke away too early.

One thing that I’ve started doing more over the last couple of weeks is to take my favorite jokes and really dive into them. Even today while doing some writing, I uncovered a new tag that really effectively drills into the point I was trying to make in a much more generic way. I looked at it after I had thought/wrote it, and I thought “there it is, and I need 100 more just like that”. What this means from a performance viewpoint is that I’m doing the same 20 minutes over and over again but each time I tell it, its getting stronger.

I’m trying to compress a new video for YouTube tonight, but iMovie is so freaking slow right now. I think its because I have about 50 gigs of comedy videos that need to be moved off my laptop, but alas, I can’t find the power cable to my external hard drive. What is a nerd to do? Tomorrow night I’m back at the Underground for their open mic and helping a local photographer pick out open micers for an upcoming piece she’s shooting on comedians. Cool stuff.

March Madness 2 – Laughs Comedy Spot

Almost forgot to write this as my stupid pager for work went off on the way home from the club. Ya, I have to carry a pager for my on-call rotation at work (the job that pays me more than comedy, for now), I don’t want to talk about it…

Tonight I featured for Whitney Cummings. She’s a hot commodity right now. She’s a regular roaster and a guest on “Chelsea Lately”, a show my parent’s seem to like but I haven’t gotten into. Besides all of this, she’s a pretty funny gal. I think I may have fallen outside of her target audience, as I have a penis, but her comedy was definitely enjoyed by all. The first show was a packed house and the audience was ready for a comedy show.

I knew I was going to have a great set tonight as my energy level was higher that it usually was before hitting the stage. I think it’s because I got to have a nap today and actually slept last night. I’ve done a lot of gigs recently where I’m just dog tired and there is a marketed difference in my performance. It was nice as I drove to Laughs tonight to have some energy flowing through me and I was really getting excited for the show.

The opener brought me up and I hit the ground running with my “Avitar” opener. I think it only has a couple more weeks to live, especially after we consider how it does in the Oscars tomorrow.
I’m not too upset as its basically only a one-liner punchline with no tags, but I’ll still miss it. From then on it was straight laughs for 20 mins. There were too points that fell a little flat. One was my inclusion of a new bit about “nerdy people” that I had decided to slip into the set tonight, but hadn’t done on stage before. The second was an old tag for my “Star Wars jacket” joke that really has never worked. I’m going to drop the whole section and try to rewrite it / leave it out forever as it has just never performed well and/or is just way to predictable of a punchline. Other than that though, the audience came with me and we had a good time. No crazy huge laughter or applause breaks in this first show, but the laughs that I did get came at a good steady rhythm which was really good. At the end of the show I met some guys from a local news station, so I might have some exciting news there soon.

The second show, wow, they did not want to laugh for such a long time! I was up there a good 15 mins before the entire audience was on my side and enjoying the show. Looking into some of the faces in the audience, it was clear they just weren’t getting it or enjoying themselves. How awesome it was though to look back on those same faces near the end of the set and see them starting to open up and laugh. I mean, you guys are paying for the show, its to your benefit to enjoy yourselves. Sometimes you have to tell the audience that…

This is going to be some week for comedy. Tomorrow I’ve got the Comedy Undergrounds “Best of Seattle” comedy showcase. It’s on during the Oscars; hopefully we still have an audience. Monday and Tuesday are open mics, Wednesday I have a gig in Stanwood, WA, and Thursday I’m back in downtown Seattle. Lots of comedy, lots of blog entries.

Still monitoring the issue at work, have to get back to that…

March Madness 1 – Laughs Open Mic

So I’m going to be doing something new for my blog this month. I’m going to blog after each one of my performances this month. EVERY one, no matter how tired or cranky or amazing I feel, I will put some words down here. I know there are some people that actually read this and will be fun to let you know what I’m working on, especially those that don’t live in Seattle. Part of this is also just an attempt to get me to write here more. If anything it will be a nice, month-in-the-life snapshot of my comedy experiences that I can look back on and say, “hey, remember when I was doing all that?”

So for tonight, to start off the month, I hit up the open mic at Laughs Comedy Spot in Kirkland. This is definitely what most people would consider my “home club.” I work the weekends there pretty regularly, as a host and feature, and am at their open mic basically every week. Their open mic has been drawing around 40-50 audience members (non comics) a week, which is awesome. Sometimes you get people at the shows that have seen me a couple times and are able to offer some good feedback on the new jokes they liked, which can be fun depending on how they offer it up to you.

I didn’t know what I was going to go do on stage tonight. I’m tired after being awake 18 hours yesterday and a full day’s worth of work today. I would say my energy was about 50% going into this performance. Good combo, tired and unprepared. I took a look at my little black notebook and there were some notes in there about some improvements to a joke that I’ve already told a dozen times, about how I bought myself a Star Wars jacket for myself for Christmas. The new tags were drummed up the week before at the Columbia Winery over in Woodinville, where I did a gig with a great local comedian, Drew Barth. The note said 3 different ideas one of which was “one jacket was a Boba Fett costume with a zip up hood that covered your entire face with a Boba Fett mask, but you have to draw the line somewhere.” So this is where I tried to take the joke. More storyish and more about the honest reactions I was having while buying this jacket.

I didn’t like the results too much, although I haven’t watched the tape yet so it could have been better than it felt. I just felt like I was taking a perfectly good joke with good punches and muddying it up a bit. But it’s the direction that I want explore more (honest stories), as I feel it lets the character that I’m cultivating on stage to come out. It also sounds way more conversational/performing then straight “setup-punch” style comedy, which I also like. I think it’s definitely something I want to try a lot more, each time trying to tease out more story. I just need to make sure that there are still jokes in there and the big punches still hit just as hard.

Before leaving the club, I got a letter of recommendation from the owner, Dave, to try and get my foot in the door of some clubs in Arizona before this year is over. I’ll be making some copies and drafting some letters to send out over the next few weeks to try and set something up in Scottsdale or Tucson, both places where I have free lodgings :). It also looks like I’ll be featuring on Saturday at Laughs too, filling in for a comic. So that is some paid weekend work and I get to work with Whitney Cummings for the night.

Now I’ll try to catch up on some sleep and debate whether I’ll hit up the open mic at Giggles on Thursday or just go eat Puerto Rican food. And no, I can’t do both…

When is it appropriate?

I don’t really know when it’s appropriate for guys to be talking in the bathroom. I’m going to go with never. There really isn’t anything private enough that we really need a bathroom to do it in, and if it isn’t private, let’s talk about it outside. The bathroom isn’t an escape for guys. Maybe it’s because there aren’t couches in our bathroom. When I was growing up, I remember seeing in the department store bathroom, for a brief second before the door shut, a couch. A freaking couch! In the bathroom!?!? This is not where I would expect couches to be. Ask any girl though, and at some point she’s probably been in a bathroom that was set up encouraging ladies to stay and chat.

Like I said, guys don’t go in there to talk. Really there isn’t anything that we could say in the confines of that oddly sterile yet usually disgusting place that needs to be discussed RIGHT THERE. It’s never a discussion. Usually, if guys are talking in a bathroom it’s statements of fact; factorum non debatum. Acceptable bathroom lines of discussion (note all should be answered in the affirmative):

  • This band/party/happy hour/strip club is amazing.
  • I’m really drunk/high/wasted right now.
  • That chick was super hot/slutty/fat/cougerish.
  • Avitar was freakin amazing/sweet/seizure enducing.
  • I believe the original Back to the Future was superior to the other two.

These rules are put to the test in the workplace. You spend your whole day in a cubicle staring at a computer screen and suddenly, you’re in the bathroom, standing next to someone you want to talk to. Given your limited social time in the workplace and the pressing issues delegated to you that day, you might actually have something IMPORTANT to say to him. Now what? This could be the only chance to get your question in. And he’s peeing; where is he going to go? This is your chance, right? Granted he could whip around mid-stream and start yelling to you about bathroom behavior, but then he’d be peeing on the floor and who wouldn’t hold that over their coworker.

Worse than that, is when a superior at work wants to talk to YOU in the bathroom. You have to talk back, you can’t ignore your boss. Don’t worry, it will usually just be a question or two (he’s still a guy and is going to the bathroom). Remember, the affirmative rule from above. You just grip on what God endowed you with and answer back with confidence. How was your weekend? Fucking awesome, and you’re done. Remember, it will probably only be a question or two. Plan for this. Remember, you’re never required to ask a followup question. This will put him on the defensive and that isn’t what you want to do. He who controls the salary gets to ask the questions while he pees. Old bathroom proverb. Written right next to “Brett is gay”.

If you have to ask questions, do it at the sink. The sink is where all the talking should be happening anyways. I mean, first of all, you’re only there cause someone else is in the bathroom in the first place, so it’s not like you’re really using it. Second of all, there is usually a mirror, so both parties can look at how much better looking they are than the other guy instead of actually listening to what he is saying.

This blog post was inspired by me breaking every one of these rules in from of the VP in my department yesterday. The things I do for you people…

Comedy New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not too keen on the term “New Year’s Resolutions”. It’s too much pressure. Who’s knows what my life will be like by the end of 2010. I could resolve to work out and be more healthy in my eating, but perhaps I discover I have a penchant for making cheesecakes in a reclining position. Maybe I resolve to use words like “penchant” more often, but then I loose all my friends because they no longer understand me or think I’ve gone all hipster on them.

I think there is some honest truth behind NYRs. It’s a time to set goals for the coming year. To take stock in your life and figure out what you want. People like asking what your NYR is this year because people are nosy, and want to size up their goals against yours. Too ambitious, people won’t care and/or hope for your failure so their more attainable goal seems less diminished. Too easy and those that ask will feel empowered since they have obviously taken on more of a challenge than you. And then there are the mighty few who say, “I don’t have a NYR” or the ever popular, “My NYR was not to make a NYR“. First of all, the latter is a contradiction, since you in theory have just made one and have achieved it, therefore, you’re a douchebag. QED.

Come on people, you’re cognitive human beings who are a part of this great declining civilization called America. You can’t think of a goal? Just one goal!?! No wonder this country is sort of screwed right now. Hey you, average American, what do you want to do this year? Oh me, I don’t like thinking about what I want to do with myself. I’d rather find new and interesting way to get diabetes. Welcome to the future my friends…

Ok, so in the spirit of making goals. Here are some of my comedy based goals for the upcoming year:

  • Create two 30 minute sets. I don’t think I’m ready to headline by any means, since that requires a lot of pacing, but, by the end of this year, I would like to have enough good material to do two distinct 30 minute sets. I’ll be starting at the halfway point, with what I’ll assume is one 30 minute set. This assumption is debatable, but I won’t do it with you.
  • Update It still says, will be featuring all over the Pacific Northwest in the spring, which, I guess its true, but that was written almost a year ago. I also don’t have that beard anymore.
  • Blog more.
  • Do comedy in LA, NYC, and Phoenix. Get a spot at the Tempe Improv so my family can come see me do comedy in my home town.
  • Finish a comedy project that isn’t standup. Some kind of sketch or script or something. Haven’t figured out what I want to do yet, but the goal is there.
  • Continue writing at least once a week. Preferably more.
  • Produce a comedy show.
  • Start up a new writing group which encourages people to be better, preferably better in a way that I like so open mics are more enjoyable for me.
  • And as always, get funnier.

Ok, there they are. Let’s see how I do, shall we? Welcome to 2010!

Meeting "famous" people

Meeting characters from your childhood (or in my case older-hood), no matter how obscure, is always a thrill, at least for me. It’s one of the major perks of being a standup comedian. This year I’ve been fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time to catch a couple of them as they were passing through Seattle.

One of them I actually had the pleasure of opening for. His name is Ben Bailey. Most would know him as the host of television’s Cash Cab. I have seen him on that show of course, but my personal connection to him is that he was one of the first live standup comedians I saw at a comedy club. I caught him with a couple of my friends at a showcase at The Comedy Cellar in New York City. I remember a couple of his jokes, the most vivid was a joke about how he wasn’t going to do his “jump-roping joke” at this club (as he’s over 6 feet tall and the celling is about 7 feet at this particular club). I just remember that killing my friends and I (let alone the entire audience). So flash forward almost six years later (I was a sophomore in college when this happened), and he’s coming to Laugh’s Comedy Spot and I get to host the show he’s on. Holy crap this is awesome!

Here’s a picture of myself and him that we snapped on the second night. Slight height difference, no? I was his driver to the club (my “cab”) on both nights, which gave me the chance to share the story above with him.z We talked about the jump-rope bit and whether it was still in the rotation. He shared some behind the scenes stories about the Cash Cab while the feature was on stage (Gabriel Rutledge, amazingly funny). His act has some pretty good stories about it too, so if you get a chance to see him live and are a fan of the show, you should really go. Even if you aren’t, the story he tells is freaking hilarious regardless.

Ok, so that was pretty cool. A comedian from my past revisited. Can we top that this year? Of course!

Enter Bill Dwyer. Most people wouldn’t recognize him out on the street (which is my favorite type of famous) but if you were a nerdy kid like me in the 90’s you know his face and voice well. Who is Bill Dwyer and why does Brian have an obvious celebrity crush on this guy? Well, its because he was the host and lead commentator on Comedy Central’s Battlebots! This was before Comedy Central had enough original comedy programming to fill the entire day, so some of it was filmed with random stuff like this. Bring on the random stuff I say! Battlebots was an WWE type show with robots instead of big muscular dudes, and Bill doing his best to bring words to the metallic carnage that was unfolding on your reasonably sized standard definition TV. It was on for a couple of seasons, so it filled some of my more impressionable years. I wanted to build a battlebot and have Bill narrate its rise to remote controlled stardom. That was my dream. Well, I never got to build a battlebot, but I did get to talk about them with Mr. Dwyer, which is close enough that I can die happy.

As you can see from the picture about, I was very (too) excited. Even better, he was super cool about me nerding out with him. I was thinking I was going to get a “that’s great kid” type of response, but instead we talked about all the people and robots from original show, all the merchandising that went on, and even how some people are working to get the show back someday (fingers crossed). Then I was honored to have him watch me eat shit in that night’s round of the competition where I took last place (having now looked at my scores I know this). Even after throwing my chances at moving on in the competition, he still took that picture with me though. Childhood star meeting, check!

So its been a pretty good year for meeting people, if not getting better at this whole comedy thing. BTW, last year I met Robin Williams and got this picture taken. So that year is pretty much the year to beat. 🙂

Seattle International Comedy Competition – Night 5 & 6

Ok two more nights passed and one more blog. Again, so much more for one post per night. Oh well.

Night five of the competition was off to Bellingham, a city around two hours north of Seattle. This would mark the farthest we have traveled for the competition. I went up a couple hours before the show with Leyna to see the city and to have dinner with her Mom. We took the scenic route, saw some fabulous beach view, and visited an antique shop in downtown Bellingham. B-ham. Bellinghamster! I also got to visit Boundary Bay brewery, which was on my list of breweries to visit in Seattle. After a fabulous spagetti dinner, it was off to the Fairhaven POub and Martini Bar. Yes, a pub AND martini bar, in the same building, and it didn’t look like either. They really should just call it Fairhaven bar with a stage. I think that was its qualification for hosting the show that night.

I knew that it wasn’t going to be a good night. I wasn’t going to change my set and something told me that my hobbit opener wasn’t going to ring as true here at the pub AND martini bar. The comic before me had a rough set and I went up to probably the coldest room of the week. I actually held my room, but it was one of those sets where it was like trying to jog through snow compared with the night before. It was funny, while going into my hairy chest joke, some girl said, “I don’t think so!” when I said that they could follow my Happy Trail. Part of me wanted to stop my set and say “Fuck you, my girlfriend is sitting over there and she follows it, so suck it! Actually don’t,..” Maybe if I had, my score would have been higher. Cy called someone a “retarded faggot” and took 5th if that is any indication of what we were dealing it.

I didn’t place tonight (shocker), but I’m still not looking at my scores at this point. Everyone else is freaking out at this point as we are heading into the home stretch. Most people are going to use tonight as their drop score. After my performances in night one and two, I don’t think I have a drop score option anymore. 🙂 Drop scores aside, Jose and Andy had great sets and scored first and second respectively. All in all, I felt my set went over pretty well for a bar show where I did the same set I did at a theater show. Doesn’t really matter, time to get out of this town…

Into night six. Final night. Industry night! We had a talent agent from CBS and the guy that does recruiting for the “Just for Laughs” festival in Montreal. What we think this means is opportunities galore for all the comics in week one. What this really means is the toughest and probably most accurate scoring of the week. Still, having not looked at my scores, I’m feeling pretty good going into that night. I may still have a chance to make the top five (I didn’t know how far from the truth this was). Fast forward to the set. I thought it was solid for the most part. Strong start, stronger middle, meh, ended kinda week. My closers have definitely been the weakest link this competition. One of the (many) takeaways. After leaving the stage, that was it. I had done six shows in six nights and it was all over. At this point, it was just waiting for the scores. I thought, I could have placed tonight? Sure, why not. I did not place, I did not move on. I didn’t pass go either, but I made $200. The final five were Matt Billon, Jose Sarduy, Roger Lazola, Scott Monroe, and Andy Haynes. Andy took second on the last night and slipped right into 5th place for the week to upset Jane Stanton. It was a photo finish for the 5th place spot. I

I took 11th on the last night show. Not ever close to sixth. Heh. I also took 14th for the week. Ya, not even close to placing. Wonderful, wonderful delusion. Holy shit I’m glad I didn’t look at my scores huh!?!? Right? Best decision I made all week. That and switching my set on night three. That took me from last place on Thursday (LAST!?!? WTF!) and 5th on Friday. I don’t think I could have done that had I let the full weight of Thursday fall on me. That fifth place finish was all that I wanted out of this competition and I did it. So happy. Josh Gondelman took 5th on the last night, which was awesome, since I had displaced him for 5th in Aurbun by like one point. I got my picture. I’m good. But ya, scores. Don’t ever look at them.

So ya, the competition is over! Takeaways? Don’t look at your scores, I think I said that already?
Now that it’s over though, I’m really interested in the raw scores to see if there might be some trends over the entirety of the competition. My strongest point? Probably overcoming my nerves the first night and punching through to take 5th on Friday. My weakest point? My set choice. You watch guys like Jose or Andy or even Ahmed and they have a varied set that I didn’t have going into this competition. All their bits were unique but related to a common theme. For me, I think my voice is just starting to appear and all of my jokes were kind of generic. I knew this going into the competition, but didn’t know exactly what I knew. My friend Toby explained it to me. My second to last joke’s punchline was that I got an erection. My last joke was about getting an erection. No wonder my closer never landed like I wanted! I was basically telling the same joke twice.

Although I had so much fun and learned a bunch of stuff, I am so freaking tired. Maybe it’s because I haven’t given myself a break even though the competition is over. I went to the open mic last night at Laughs (where I took LAST!) and I’m writing this blog entry from an open mic in Magnolia. What the hell is wrong with me?!? 😛