Bumbershoot Weekend

Bumbershoot has come and gone; it was a great Labor day. The Fresh Faces show was amazing. In fact, all the shows that day were amazing over at the Comedy West stage. All the shows were booked by the People’s Republic of Komedy (aka PROK) and each lineup was awesome. In fact, all the shows were standing room only, so we were performing for around 200 people at 1:15 in the afternoon, that’s pretty good.

Everyone’s sets were great. Yours truly closed out the show doing the best A-list jokes I could think of with a couple never before told tags to keep things interesting. My writing buddy, James Parkinson, was very upset cause the new tags destroyed. I had so much fun on stage I started laughing at my own jokes. James taped it and Kevin from PROK got an amazing audio feed off the mixing board, both of which I hope to get my hands on in the coming weeks. Afterwards, all the Fresh Face performers did a video blog entry about our show for the Stranger (Seattle’s independent newspaper) and I got to plug my upcoming feature performance at Laughs next month.

Thanks to all that came out to see the show. Sorry if you came out and couldn’t get in.

I’m hosting this weekend in Kirkland for Brian Dunkleman, and I’ll be at Laff Hole @ the Rebar in Seattle on the 17th.